3 week old Nubian bucks with raw skin under tail

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I have 2 nubian bucks that are from the same doe ,both have raw skin around the rectum and under the tail.I been giving them sulmet figuring it may be due to coccidiosis , they are 3 weeks old and have had this for a week already , with no sign that it's healing.

Does anyone know what causes this and what is given to stop and heal this ?

Thanks , Steve

-- Steve (unreal@home.com), January 20, 2003


Thanks Rebekah .Although , for some reason I can't post at the homesteading today board anymore

( I keep on getting this message , " 569 No Data This Web page could not be opened with the specified browser request. Please try again later )"

I am still able to read there and saw your answer.

Since both kids have this ,I thought it had something to do with the milk from the doe of these kids. I thought maybe something in her diet was doing something to her milk making this happen to her kids.

I had 7 kids from 3 does kid in the last 3 weeks and these are the only kids with this problem.I'm still trying to figure out what's causing it because I've cleaned it and put anti-biotic creams on them but it's still getting irritated .

If I do find out what's causing it I will post back what I found out , here .

-- Steve (Unreal@home.com), January 21, 2003.

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