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What was ivan pavlov's childhood like?

-- thelma camacho (camachoboyz@aol.com), January 26, 2003


There are two biographies of Pavlov. I cannot speak to the quality of either of them, but certainly they should be your first stop:

Gray, Jeffrey Alan.
Ivan Pavlov
New York : Viking Press, 1980, c1979, 153 pp.

Elizabeth and Martin Sherwood
Ivan Pavlov
[London] : Distributed by Heron Books, [1970], 369 pp.

-- Christopher Green (christo@yorku.ca), January 31, 2003.

i think his chilhood would be like a person who jsut wanted to know wut is going on in our mind and others mind just that is i got this idea bcoz of his experiments which he made on cats and dogs

-- Rafia Berlas (rafiaberlas@hotamail.com), May 21, 2003.

For more information about Pavlov's childhood, have a look to:

Todes, D. P. (2000). Ivan Pavlov. Exploring the Animal Machine. N. Y.: Oxford University Press

Windholz, G. (1991). I. P. Pavlov as a youth. Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science, 26(1), 51-67

Gabriel Ruiz

-- Gabriel Ruiz (gruiz@us.es), May 22, 2003.

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