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I've been in carpenters local 1138 Toledo,Ohio,for 7 years. I'm looking for union work willing to travel. Is there any ting out there?


-- Anthony Golembiewski Jr. (, January 29, 2003


Well, it's the economy... the only listing I have on the 'where's the work' page at this time is nuke work in Florida... job is in March!

Interest rates at an all time low... you would think this is the time to expand, however, with the economy in another recession (I won't get political on you, but, stop and think about which party generally gets into office and a recession soon follows!) whos' going to buy product? We expect an uptick in this area in summer at the soonest due to power plant expansion. Regards, Rocky

-- John Rockefeller (, January 31, 2003.

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