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I would appreciate any and all and as many as I can possibly stir up, responses to this request to state your understanding of the biblical word "grace". A broad spectrum of such from across Christianity is desired. Thank you.

-- Wendel Moore (v&, February 02, 2003


Grace: Unexpected or unmerited merciful treatment. Where justice would award punishment, grace awards forgiveness.

-- Jim Keyes (, February 06, 2003.

I have to answer with a question...Isn't grace relative to God's blessings? Pastor Bruce ? "prayer of Jabez" says that according to Jabez...we should ask God to bless us...and along with God's blessings He gives us Grace to accept these blessings. God's grace is everything to me personally. I'm sure there is a lot more to it than this...but how we feel about our Father and His Grace to us is or can be a very personal thing. I don't think I should use 'feelings' here but it does lend credence to Paul's statement that God told him that " My grace is sufficient".

Knowing Him...That's God's Grace...and on and on and on...well you get it!

Ron Wagner

-- Ron Wagner (, February 25, 2003.

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