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I am posting the following on behalf of Julie Christensen, who emailed the following on Monday, Feb 3. Please, feel free to jump in and discuss. Thanks.

- gary

Filling in the lower sections at the west end.

To discourage miscreants and use of the park as a toilet, and create more open area. I don't know what drainage issue this might bring up, though.

Removing/repairing broken play equipment.

With Helen Wills scheduled to be down for a year or so for construction in the not too far off future - is it time to rethink removing the play equipment, perhaps repairing it for the short term?

Pruning and planting.

The trees were pruned about 2 years ago, as I recall. And their roots and shade may make planting under them difficult. But RecPark could advise. It would make a great community project over a few Saturdays.

Maybe a good time to bring up another one of my favorite fantasy projects for that area - planting that tight, flat ficus vine on the retaining walls of the tunnel approach - especially the outer sides. We could make this area green and beautiful - and quieter and less prone to graffiti. All we need's a few holes, a little irrigation, and some plant material. A small grant would do it... Guess DPW would have to maintain.

-- gary gach (, February 04, 2003


the following is a compilation of some of the more major task that has been voiced by myself and some of the neighbors.
  1. Completion of the removal of the chain-linked fence. 3 sections and a post.
  2. Testing of the soil and do something about the smell.
  3. Removal of the concrete block structure around the old sand box.
  4. Remove or move the stainless steel storage cabinets that are just placed on the walkway.
  5. Remove the tan bark. The bark readily camouflages the dog doo.
  6. Spring Valley Elementary School Sturdent Adopt-a-Park initiative.

    Note, if the section of fence on the northwest corner around the raised planter box is to keep people from falling over the edge, then maybe a hedge should be planted instead. Concerning the other remaining section on the east edge, if its purpose is to eliminate the possibility of an errant vehicle from entering the park, then could it be more decorative, on the east edge, if its purpose is to eliminate the possibility of an errant vehicle from entering the park, then could it be more decorative, i.e. brick or rock.

    -- Hubert, Sue and Tillie Lee (, February 11, 2003.

Carolyn's sent me some suggestions for planting, which I'm posting in a separate thread entitled Plants.

-- gary (, February 11, 2003.

Just a minor correction to Hubert, Sue, and Tillie Lee's posting: There are two poles (posts) that need to be removed, one at the north entrance and one at the south entrance where the gates were (as well as the three sections of fence which still need to come down).

-- Sue Shockey (, February 12, 2003.

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