Polaroid Colorshot Printer modified to take 669

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There was a thread last year where Scott Krebs pointed out that he was able to modify or convert a Colorshot printer (which normally takes spectra, spectra platinum & colorshot Polaroid films) to take in 669 film instead.

Has anyone else tried this? I'm curious to find out how Scott's experimentation fared so far.

If this proves to be successful, images can be taken with a digital camera, manipulated with Photoshop, then printed using the Colorshot unto 669 film to be used for either image transfers or emulsion transfers.

There would be no need for slide film, and slide printer/copier. This would greatly cut down on step-by-step procedures, not to mention cutting down the costs.

I'm seriously considering this alternative because in the advent of Polaroid's bankruptcy, the 35mm instant slide films (polapan, polachrome, polablue. etc.) have been discontinued --- which is so sad.

Any thoughts?

-- Gayle Mayor (mayorznospam@attbi.com), February 11, 2003


If anyone has the answer to this manipulation of the Colorshot,let us know. I want to modify mine without breaking it. :)

-- Beau Hoptowit (decker@fidalgo.net), September 20, 2004.

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