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2. Explain the meaning of church ordinances? 2. What has the highest arthority in the church? 3. What is the significance of the church covenant? 4. What scriptural data assures you of your personal salvation? 5. Why do the church bless babies instead of baptizing them ? 6. Explain the three class of church membership in a baptist church? 7. How can a deacon improve the spiritual life of the church? 8. What is the missionary task of the church? Give biblical basis. 9. How do you know you are saved? 10.What are the steps do you use to lead an unsaved person to Christ? 11.What is the purpose of Article of Faith? 11.Do you believe in open or closed commmunion? and why. 12.What are the scriptural offices of the new testment church? 13.Describe the duties of each office?

-- Tim Foster (, February 12, 2003

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