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This may be a naive question but I am getting an 8x10 base for my Daylab II. I am not sure about what I need. Obviously the base and film, but do I need a film loader to go with the base? Looking on line I have also found a manual processors and loading trays for the 8x10. I don't think I need these as they are super expensive, but do what to make sure.

Thanks, any information would be much appreciated.

-- Maureen Delaney (, February 15, 2003


Hi Maureen,

As far as I know you also need the 8x10 film holder (Model #81-06) and the 8x10 loading tray (Model #81-09). You will also need an 8x10 Processor and I believe you can buy a manual one where you turn the crank to move the film through, or an electric one (more expensive of course!) that you just push a button and it moves the film through. I have the electric which I bought used and like it. I have heard that it is harder to have the film processed evenly with the manual one. You can look on for these things or ebay often has them used I think.

I will tell you basically how it works, as I was in the same boat as you not all that long ago. When you buy the 8x10 film it comes as seperate negative and positive sheets. You put the negative in the film holder and put that in the bottom of your 8x10 base. You pull out the dark slide and expose that. Then you close the dark slide and pull the film holder out of the base. You have your 8x10 processor with the loading tray sticking out of it with the positive side of the film laying in the loading tray. You put the film holder (with the negative still in it) on top of the loading tray and push it into the processor as far as it will go. Then you push the button (or turn the crank I guess?) and the processor pulls the positive and negative through the rollers to mush (technical term!) them together. The timer goes off in 60 seconds (if that's what you set it to) and then you peel them apart as you would the 3x4 film.

I hope this is at least somewhat helpful. I don't know about all your options for the equipment, but these are the parts that I have and they all work together!

Good luck, Angela

-- Angela (, February 20, 2003.

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