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I hope this is not to far off topic.

During a recent trip to Miami / Miami Beach, I spent several days exploring the Art Deco structures not only the one's in South Beach Art Deco District but some back roads also. I went to see the new Art Deco exhibit at the recently opened office and gift shop of the Miami Design Preservation League, and upon my return home, I searched the internet for discussion groups on the subject of Art Deco structures for the area found none (not to say I may have missed one), So I decided to start one. The link is below. Even though I started the link for Miami Art Deco I will open it up to discussion of Art Deco structures for sale and preservation of world wide but not for commercial (items for sale). When you click on the link below it should take you to then main page of the Miami-Art-Deco Yahoogroup.

Thanks Gregg

-- Gregg Anderson (, February 19, 2003

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