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Please help!! We have a 7 month Bantum hen who is not herself. She started laying eggs (1 egg every other day) about 2 months ago and now has stopped laying eggs after 1 month and just sits on her perch and raises her tail in the air and just squacks. I was reading an article regarding chickens becoming egg bound, but was advised to feel her belly to see if I could feel anything that felt like an egg But I could not feel anything. Now she does not eat much and seems to be loosing weight. This morning I found her just laying on the floor and she did not want to move. Anybody?

-- joy wilson (, February 23, 2003


This might sound strange but it is a South African believe that it would work if you take the back end (filter side) of a sigaret that someone smoked and let the hen swallow it......they called it "kroep" I would suggest you take a small kind of sigaret like the Vogue thins. I really hopw she will be her old self soon.....

-- michelle (, March 02, 2003.

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