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I have a RUUD, Silhoutte less than 5 years old. The blower comes on, ignitor comes on, burner comes on for about 5 seconds and kicks off. the blower stays on, ignitor trys 2 more times and burner kicks off 2 more times. Blower stays on the whole time. We are having the coldest winter in 10 years here. No repair man is coming at any price. Wife is sick of heating house with oven.

-- MoPhoto (marshj@chartermi.net), February 25, 2003


you dont say if you have antural gas, methane, propane,, or what. You dont say what the temps are.

Assumeing its propane, and the temps are too cold for propane to flow,, then it sounds as if you may have a clogged nozzle ( jet ), take it off, clean it out, and reinstall,, see if that helps.

-- Stan (sopal@net-pert.com), February 26, 2003.

its a natural gas furnace. can you be a little more specific on to remove and clean? any help is appreciated.

-- mophoto (marshj@chrtermi.net), February 26, 2003.

the nozzle, jet,, where the gas comes out, sould just be a small screw in plug with a hole in it,,, remove and clean, make sure the hole isnt plugged up.

-- Stan (sopal@net-pert.com), February 26, 2003.

Hey Mo! Just saw this post and figgered I'd tell you what your problem is unless it's already fixed.

The computer is not proving the flame and it will shut it down after about 3 to 5 seconds. The problem is either--a faulty flame probe-- [looks line a nail hanging down in from of a burner opposite end of the ignitor]

Could be the particular burner the flame probe is located in front of has too much air open on it.

Low gas pressure-----faulty ignition module[puter board].

Of the many furnaces I've worked on over the last 30 years or so--the most common is a dirty flame probe. "stuff" builds up on it and prevents it from heating up quickly enough in front of the burner. Try cleaning it with a real fine emery cloth and replace again. This will tell you if it's dirty. Very few I've ever had to replace. old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot (oldhoot@shawneelink.net), March 21, 2003.

This isn't an answer but I have to say thank you to the answer about cleaning off the flame throbe. This was my first time fixing our funrace (first time fo something wrong) and that worked. I just took a file (I didn't have a emry cloth) and filed it off a little and walahhhh....Thank you very much, that saved a whatever it cost to pay someone 50.00 to scrape off a piece of metal.

-- billy pumphrey (nuno46219usa@yahoo.com), November 24, 2003.

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