A consultants comments on disabled parents

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I had an accident 3 years ago and have been left with RSD in my keft hand and forearm. Because it was related to a work injury I have so far seen 3 consultants as part of my claim. The first 2 were great- no.1 gave my condition a name, so i stopped feeling i was going mad and could assure people i wasnt putting it on. The 2nd was very sympathetic and understanding and knew about the problem. For both of these the fact that I had an 8 year old child was not an issue. The 3rd however- said he didnt know how i could cope with a child and a disability! Well, it's only the one arm thats agony and so doesnt work so great! I consider myself lucky that the other one is ok! There are people who have no arms, one arm- what does he think disabled parents do? I am expecting my 2nd child in April, and I know it will be awkward, but i will find my own ways round things with the baby like i have learnt to do with everything else. Just so I can tell him- does anyone have figures for number of parents w3ith a disability in the UK? I am now a tester for a baby magazine, who have another tester who uses a wheelchair, a friend of mine has 3 fits a day and copes, and i read of a woman with a child and she and her husband are both deaf- her daughter has adapted and can now sign and speak to hearing people. Kids dont have a problem with disabilities of any kind- its the adults of this world who seem to harbour prejudices, maybe some people out there could learn from the kids? (Think I have got that off my chest now!)

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2003

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