Locating Sodium Oaks Semen

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Hello, I am new to dairy goats, but already have large ambitions. I only have 4 grade does but do want to breed up. I have been pouring over websites and reading and talking about goats, and the Sodium Oaks lines just keep on popping out, I know the herd was dispersed back in the 90's but where do the "insiders" find these great bucks semen GCH++*B Yreka, ++*B Xspurt, GCH++*B Royal Risk, +*B Sumac etc ?

Any help would be awsome

-- Jeremy Elliott-Engel (quarryfarm@juno.com), February 26, 2003


Hmmm, these are the lines my herd is built on! Where to get the semen:you can get Xspurt from Jennifer Smith of Capriherb Yankee may still be avialable from Walnut Fork (Lynn Benedict- she has a website too, will have to look for the addy). Yreka is available from his owner, Carmen Ellis, but she's hard to get in contact with. Risk semen is just about impossible to get and costs $150- $200 a straw. _Not_ something you want to use on a grade doe or without a lot of A.I. experience. I have some Sumac, but don't know where to get more. In fact I have two Sumac daughters on my website.

There is also- Twister, available from Buck Bank (Diane Heaney in Oregon), and Yes I'm Leroy (also from Buck Bank), to name a few. I got Warpaint from Frozen Assets (Karen Lewis). Other bucks are often available from breeders at the National Show and Covention. My advice: Sodium Oaks semen is in short supply. An inexpensive buck, such as Warpaint ($10 a straw) might be used on a grade doe, but for the really hard to find or expensive bucks, I'd save them for a 75% or American doe, and use more abundant bucks that are strongly bred on the Sodium Oaks lines. Walnut Fork, for example. Seems like I just saw a Walnut fork buck for sale on the Alpine Talk list (at Yahoo groups), too.

And I don't know why, but it does seem that people clam up and don't offer much helpful information whenever Sodium Oaks comes up.

You can see my site here

-- Rebekah (daniel1@itss.net), March 04, 2003.

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