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From TroublemanUnlimited.com;


Our first release will be by the band EARTH. It will be called "In The Gleam Of The Unsheathed Sword". It compiles some live dates and solo work by Dylan Carlson. It is an honor and privilege to work with such a pioneer. It is a split release with No Quarter. It will be very limited. It will be our pleasure to destroy you with this release!

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2003


Yes, I'd already seen that and have emailed them about it.

From another spource I found out that it'll apparently be made up of recordings of recent live gigs, the live and WMFU and solo recordings by Dylan.

The "earth 2" vinyl is also being reissued on a new label called Auto Fact. It'll be remastered so "it'll sound as it was originally intended".

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2003

"It compiles some live dates and solo work by Dylan Carlson"

Ah, just seen that! They've obviously updated the website withthat information now.

Looking foward to it!

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2003

Where and when will it be available? The website wasn't very clear.

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2003

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