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what is condition reflex according to ian pavlov.

-- NAMIT SINGH (, February 27, 2003


It was IVAN Pavlov, and as I understand things, the phrase "conditioned reflex" (which is what is typically used in English) is a slight mistranslation. It is more properly translated "conditional reflex," which meant simply that the "reflex" (i.e., behavior) is made conditional upon the presentation of the stimulus.

-- Christopher Green (, February 27, 2003.

Hi Namit, the conditioned reflex is a special kind of reflex. A reflex is a semi-complex activity of your body, like when the Dr. hits you in the knee with a hammer and you kick. In this case it is not hard to understand the relationship between the hammer and the kick. Your body is made to kick when it's struck on the knee.

Now, the conditioned variety of reflex is one that happens to many different things, hammers, lights, horns blowing. And the reflex is passed around among these things through learning by association. So, the Dr. hits you and you kick while at the same time a passing car honks its horn. And the next time you hear a horn, you kick. You've learned to kick with out the hammer. And the hammerless kick is a conditioned reflex, a learned reflex.

It is thought by some that when babies come into this world they have very few reflexive behaviors. But that through learning or aquiring habits through conditioning, they grow up to gain the skills of the Dr. who then hits your knee with a hammer. And so it is that life is a vicious cycle.

Best, David

-- david clark (, March 05, 2003.

A conditioned reflex is a learned behaviour in response to a certain stimulus. E.G. putting your foot on the brake everytime you see a brake light in front of you.

-- Peter James (, October 29, 2004.

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