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I have a 7 month old basset hound puppy. He has been sick for the last two weeks. He was pooping blood with some small white warms in it. I took him to the vet and he was given 2 different types of warm medication and his shots. He is still sick. Now he has diarrah and it is a very dark color and the smell is terrible. I took him back to the vet on Thursday and she game us another dose of a worm pill and told me to some over the counter k-pec. I have limited his food intake and am making sure he is drinking pleanty of water. He is laying and sleeeping a lot, and I can tell that he has lost weight. I have already spent $150 at the vet within the last week. Do you have any suggestion? I am really considering a differnet vet on Monday!

-- Lee Brunoni (, March 02, 2003


Sounds like he had cocci or a bowel infection and worms to boot. When worms are that bad it does take awhile for them to recuperate from it.If he still has any blood in his stool I would suggest a course of antibiotics. Good luck!

-- (, March 06, 2003.

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