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I've just purchased a one step, a double density filter and sx-70 film. I've followed the instructions on the Polaroid web site about attaching the filter to compensate for the difference in speed. But the image looks really dark. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? By the way, I purchased and SX-70 camera on Ebay just this week. Seller insisted that it worked. Alas it did not. Now I'm 20 dollars out of pocket for postage etc. Had to return the camera. Now I'm hoping that I get a full refund.

-- Sandra Staas (, March 02, 2003


Better late than never...

Not sure what you mean by 'double density'...

You want to use a 2 f-stop Neutral Density filter [.06] #98 or #3403

Contact Rosco and get a free Filter Sample Pack...

-- Jon (, November 18, 2004.

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