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Does anyone have any knowledge of gypies who used to come to Albemarle. Why did they come? What did they do? This would have been in early fifties. Thanks for any help. Janice

-- Janice Hearne Mitchener (jhmunc@AOL.COM), March 02, 2003


When I was in grammer school at A. T. Allen School on hwy 601 there near Flowes store Road there was a fmily of gypsy's that lived behind the store beside the school. They lived in a colorful wagon and dressed real bright colors. They had dark skin and hair. One of the girls was in my room at school and I befriended her cause very few kids did. I remember her telling me they were here for a short time cause they trveled around a lot and sold their wares. When people quit buying the things they sold they went on to another town. This was in the 1950's I must have been around 9 years old at the time. They didn't sty long and there were a lot of kids. The little covered trailer was just like the one's that you see on old movies. and it was horse drawn. Brenda

-- Brenda M. Polk (, September 28, 2004.

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