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Version 2.0 works well through the scheduler and through using shortcuts on backing up (I use a Zip drive for backups) to different Zip disks. However in Beta 5 and 6, it does not. When I run a shortcut for folder A (Backup Set 1)/Zip disk A, and then run a shortcut for folder B (Backup Set 2)/Zip disk B, the program (i.e., the manager)comes up with Back Set 1 selected/highlighted and get a message that folder A does not exist and asking if folder A should be created on Zip disk B. This Option in these beta versions flagged me on this - it's also useful making sure I have the right Zip disk in. Same thing happens when the scheduler kicks in for folder C/Zip disk C and then I run a shortcut for a backup set (A or B).

Needless to say I have to re-associate the file extension to version 2.0. That feature is very handy, in particular when testing out these betas.

-- Anonymous, March 05, 2003


Hi Ken.

I have a hard time understanding the problem. Can you try to be a bit more clear, and elaborate some more. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, March 09, 2003

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