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Hi All, Our supervisor Aaron Peskin will attend this meeting, it is comfirmed. It will be on Monday, March 31st at the Hellen Wills community room, 6:30PM. RPD Mike Morlin called to say you will receive a flyer about the public meeting and BTW next steps. He mentioned probable first steps will be bring in some sod (grass rolled out), organizing a community planting of flowers, maybe a little celebration. RPD Gloria Koch Gonzalez will discuss further ideas for planting at the meeting. Thelong-term Capital Improvements plans will be discussed at the meeting and possible be started at the end of 2003, completed 2004. See you soon, and thanks for congratulations on my seat on the Urban Forestry Council. Carolyn Blair, Councilwoman SF Urban Forestry Council 982-8793

-- Carolyn Blair (, March 13, 2003

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