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yesterday when i got home from school Neli kidded THREE DOES!!!!all HEALTHY and HUGE!!That night i went out to annies house(shed thing)and some white stuff(looked like my shampoo)was hanging from her tail end!!(i went out there at 6:30 and she kidded at 1:30!!she kidded a HUMONGOUS DOE and a regular sized one!!!but i have a question!!after the ~bubble~ and the blood sac come out isnt the kidding over cuz my doe plopped out a regular sized buck?!?!?!?could it have been turned? well today(the next day)all the 5 DOES AND THE 1 BUCK ARE ALL HEALTHY AND THEY R FATTIES!!I WAS JUST WONDERIN IF I SHOULD OF DONE SOMETHING ABOUT THE ~LATE~ BIRTH!!! THANX BBBBBBBEEEEERRRRRRRY MUCH


-- Brandon Loulou (, March 15, 2003


Well, she seems to have had him OK so I wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes the kid is turned and sometimes the doe just takes a rest for a few minutes between kids. So glad to hear that your kidding season went so well! My favorite doe just had to have a C section last night, a buck and a doe, all are happy and healthy. :-)

-- Rebekah (, March 17, 2003.

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