NHB: missing files in Backup

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Hi, I just downloaded the Beta 6 of your 2.5 Version from NHB. I htink the program can be intuitively used and does more or less what it should...

I used to Program to Backup my C: Partition (with Windows 2000) when Computer was running under Windows 98 (from the D: partition) I used to Program to Backup my D: Partition (with Windows 98) when Computer was running under Windows 2000 (from the C: partition)

Here a list of problems which occured

- a source Folder like c:\ (the whole c: drive) does not work -> the program ends with a error message

- when starting a Backup set the program sometimes ends with an error AND THE .HBD FILE with the backup intructions is gone!!!

- some files can not be copied (e.g. hidden files line users.dat in the win98 directory) even if they can be accessed via the normal windows copy

- I don't know the logic how the program does an initial full Backup: because a lot of files were missing in the Backup and I had to manually add them to the Backup destination folder (via normal copy)

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2003

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