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I am a above knee amputee with limited use of my right arm and also a single parent who is finding it difficult to cope with the physical demands of my 2 1/2 year old. Is there any help out there, I'm in the UK and don't know where to start. I don't want professional bodies to think I can't cope so I'm wary of contacting them. I would appreciate any info.

Thanks Louise

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2003


Hi Louise, Reading your message made me think of how I also struggled with my Daughter Victoria, my suggestions are to try and get out in the mornings to as many mother and toddler groups possible and then rest when the child does in the afternoon!!! I'll repeat that: Rest in the afternoon, This will help you both establish a routine. You can be referred easily by GP to a Occupational therapist who can come to your home and ensure that the necessary adaptations are made to your home to enable you to be practically helped, I too was a single mum and very nervous about approaching social Services for help but there have been marvellous, firstly, they arranged for me to have help with bathing Victoria, which was a job and a half for me, and I would be in the most horrendous pain if i attempted it. Secondly during that time i was made a cuppa and had a few minutes to rest up. Then my homehelp would assist in washing up the tea things and help prepare Victoria for bed, so that when i'd got her in the cot i didn;t have to then start housework straight away. I know that being the sole parent can be a mixture of feelings, i found it helpful to join a few groups (I got involved in my local church) - and soon found that i was in constant need of getting the kettle on, as mum's would often pass me and stop off for a natter and a chat especially if it was raining. The other great thing i did was pay a cleaning lady to come in once a week to wizz thorough the house for three hours 3x5.50 = 16.00 a week and worth every bean, as i then knew the dirt would only ever get a week old!!!! You may feel better going through your health visitor, they are not there to stand in judgement of you, you are asking for support to help you and your child through a difficult stage, most professionals will see that as a sign of your love and desire for the best for your child, You sound like a very capable mother who needs some practical help and a hug or two from a friend, I hope i have given you some little encouragement to maybe ask for the help that you are entitled too. I Recently had some major surgery and now my little girl goes to a childminder for a few hours a day - during that time i rest up and get things ready for the next shift!!! Social Services are paying for me to have that support as i have no family near me. I live in Derbyshire where are you? Take care Louise Write to me if you want to, I'd like to hear how you are getting on so that we could bounce ideas off each other

Take care

Louise Avril

-- Anonymous, April 16, 2003

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