Unidentifiable (Bulls-Eye?) Brownie Scout Camera, 620 Film

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First off. I do not have a return e-mail address as I have no computer myself. Hence, I am using the public library's computers and I kindly ask that you post any infromation to this current website. I am trying to find out all the neat and exact infromnation concerning a camera that I have recently found. The camera is a "Brownie Scout," 620, film size: 2-1/4" x 2-1/4." Type: Solid Body Brown Plastic Cube. Film Winder Advance Knob (Bright Red) mounted top right side of the pull out part of the body. Plastic carring strap attached to close to the knob and must be properly position to re-close the camera. Often this becomes a chore as the carring strap gets twisted. Carring strap is mounted from side to side of the body. Two rivited metal swivel arms slides over plastic bumps to securley close and lock camera body. One of these metal swivel arms is located bottom foward right side and the other is located top foward left side of the camera box. When these latches are unlatched, everything slides out. On top of slide-out unit are two threaded female brass holes for the flash attachment. This camera has a "Sychronised Flash" attached to the shutter trip. Two "V-Shaped" brass strips press against the flash mounts when the camera is closed-up and properly configured for picture taking. The shutter trip lever is located a bit more foward of the film winder knob and right below it. It trips (pushes) from top to bottom. The shutter trip lever has a round red knob, a circle, and in the middle is a letter c. (Possibile "Bulls-Eye"?) Fims advances from bottom to the top. On the front of the camera is a metal plate attached with two screws and slides over the lense. Top center and above the lense on the metal plate is, "620." Below and centered in the "Brownie Emblem." To the left of the logo is, "Brownie" and to the right of the logo is the word, "Scout." Simple view finder mounted top center like a very small box on top of camera and runs from back to front, possibile optics. I am really interested in the history of this camera, its correct identifyable name, original cost, who made it, when produced and stoped, amount produced, and its current value no matter how large or small. Since it does work, where can I get some 620 film or is there better film (size?) to use? Also, how about the flash attachment? I have no infromation about this, no pictures, and I just might be interested in trying to obtaine one if pratical. I know this is quite a bit infromation but I have done my very best to supply the complete discription in hopes that someone can correctly identify this specific camera. My special thanks to "Chuck Baker" for this really neat and informitive website. Any and all infromation is greatly appricated. THANKS!!!

-- Maverick J. Flyer (http://www.publiclibiary@none.com), March 22, 2003


Brownie Scout

I strongly suspect this is not a "Brownie" camera in the sense of a "Kodak Brownie", but moreso a "special edition" or "official" camera for the Brownie Scout movement. Possibly produced by Herbert George, who manufactured many and varied "specials", a picture, if at all possible, may help with positive identification.

-- Chris Eve (kypfer@itl.net), March 24, 2003.

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