2nd freshening doe 9 days late!!!

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Hello everyone I am in a dilema i have a two year old lamancha doe who is the love of my life. she was accidently bred to a friends alpine buck kid on october 21st and we took her home immediatly hoping she had not taken, she never came back in heat...anyways we decided to see how it goes and she was due march 21st and it is now March 29th and no kids she has a wonderful udder with milk, but she is as hyper as our baby lambs, she runs around all day and is playful and nuts, she is still eating and drinking, has been wormed is on minerals and all, she isnt as big as she was last year but she had boer cross kids last year, what do i do? is she pregnant? i think her ligaments are starting to feel looser but i think i am so desperate to have kids because we just lost our only other doe with quads three weeks ago, hardest thing ever, she died of a medication overdose thanks to our "wonderful" vet....grr well anyway this is my baby and i only want the best for her! Hope someone can help me!

Thanks for any help,

Tessa Maggiulli Corvallis, OR

-- Tessa Maggiulli (maggiullirtessa@msn.com), March 30, 2003

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