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BTW park restoration changes from brown to green sure are amazing. And it sure felt good to be with all you amazing people that made this happen.

Anybody up for a first weekend impromptu celebration at ?? no name park (BTWMP), say Saturday or Sunday 12-1PM for a picnic brunch? It's been pretty cold and windy lately, but weather allowing it could be fun. What do you think?

Anyone know the history of Cyruss Street. Like why was it named that? Could our park be called Cyruss Community or Neighgorhood Park?

Many thanks for all your help,

Carolyn PS: I will be sending/writing Aaron a special thank you for also making this happen.

-- Carolyn Blair (, April 01, 2003


Hi Carolyn,

A picnic brunch sounds fun, but I'm not too sure about my schedule right now.

"Cyrus Park" would be OK with me. Perhaps anyone else with suggestions on a name for the park could post them, and then we can take a vote.

Thanks so much for offering to send a letter to Aaron.

-- Sue Shockey (, April 02, 2003.

I, Eleanor, have a suggestion for the park's name:

It would be named after a retired architect, a venerable Chinese man who was in on the original design for this minipark, and who also was the designer of the beautiful On Lok, House for Senior CitiZens in Chinatown. HIs name is Terry Tong, and he lives facing the park. TERRY TONG MINI-PARK! Eleanoro

-- Eleanor Ohman (, April 03, 2003.

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