what style is house?

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A friend of mine has a house with a fireplace.. the tiles are motted green and brown, the mantle goes to the ceiling with wood columns and a large mirror. The wood is all dark wood, and the molding, windowpanes, and doors all match the fireplace. He wants to decorate his house using the fireplace as the focal point, but I don't know what time period it is and what colors would be best. any help?

-- Michelle Croft (winteroses@poetic.com), April 05, 2003


The house sounds Edwardian to me. This achetectural/industrial design style immediately followed the Victorian era which would be roughly 1905 through World War I.

-- M.Marshall (petaler2003@yahoo.com), October 30, 2003.

I agree sounds victoria of course the style of the columns may help decide whether it is late victorian or earlier, but it could also be arts and crafts, that was my initial thought based on the coloring of the tiles, what do the columns look like? Are they fluted, rounded, square off? What do the capitals look like, simple or greek?

-- GG (samsobe@aol.com), December 03, 2003.

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