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You know that smell when you've stepped in it? Niggers stink like they've rolled around in it! Maybe that's why they have shit covered skin and call each other "dog?"

But you know the difference between a dog turd and nigger?

Eventually the turd dries up, TURNS WHITE, and stops smelling shit!!

Thomas Jefferson beleieved that niggers eliminated waste partially through their skin. I guess this is why shit shins discharge a shit smell. And partially why niggers have shit skin and Africa has over 70% of the world's AIDS; from all the shit smelling shitheads' shit packing!!

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2003


I didn't start this thread. Stop using my name racists.

Stop thinking about lesbians racists.

Go away racists.

-- Anonymous, April 26, 2003

........ ::no comment::

-- Anonymous, April 26, 2003

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