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JoJ, I would like your input on this article about a machine that turn anything into oil. Is this another case of "If it sounds to good to be true......" Thanks.

-- Emperor Dirtclod (, April 24, 2003


" faster horsey , faster " .

" The Bush's are coming , The Bush's are coming

-- jumpoff joe (, April 29, 2003.

Thanx anyway, but JOJ would have had something intelligent to say on this subject.

-- Emperor Dirtclod (, April 30, 2003.

My impersonations of JOJ need some working on .

-- Steve (, May 01, 2003.

Hate to rush into anything, Mr. Clod.

Seriously, I've had a very demanding year, so far.

I am not a chemist, but in reading the article, it seems very genuine to me. I can't say as I really understand the phenomenon of water being released from this slurry by rapid decompression, but that doesn't mean I discount the possiblilty.

I particularly appreciate the inventors' use of the gas generated by the process as the power source to run the plant. Way cool! Sort of like the lumber mills out here in Orygun using their wood waste to power their plants' kilns.

I also wonder why, if water is a problem in the previously attempted efforts, they didn't simply allow the material to dry naturally before heating the remaining organics. I do agree totally that the energy requirements of "boiling off" the water in wet organic material would almost certainly doom the system to produce less energy than the amount required to dry the material, if the material were very wet.

All in all, it sounds very, very encouraging. Now, if only Herr Busch can keep his grubby friends from fucking things up!

-- joj (, August 21, 2003.

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