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The disposable espresso coffee capsule is sealed in packs of 5 capsule and are supplied in boxes of 150 (30 packs x 5 capsule), and are available in a choice of espresso coffee capsule:- Light, Expresso, Decaffeinated, Barley and Tea. The espresso Coffee capsule is hermetically packed sealed to enclosure freshness. Materials used to produce the espresso coffee capsule conform to legal requirements for the packaging of food. A quantity of real Italian expresso coffee is hermetically sealed in each espresso Coffee capsule.

-- furai (, April 29, 2003


Would you please send me more information? I am looking for a good company who can offer me a good price for 200000 capsules per month.

Thank you


Vidi Lee

-- Vidi Lee (, June 30, 2003.

I am looking for a company in the Minnestoa area to purchase capsules for a CBI 2000 Espresso Italia machine.

-- deb Plamann (, December 06, 2003.

I can ship Espresso Italia capsules that work with CBI 2000 machine to anywhere. Shipping takes only 1 to 2 days to Minnesota as far as I know. If you need Espresso contact me. I also fix the machines if you have a need.

-- Della Howell (, May 18, 2004.

My company "Euro Espresso" works closely with Espresso Italia and will provide decaf, regular, dark roast, American coffee capules (decaf and regular) as well as Lime and Peach Tea.

Additionally, we have established a great relationship with a great roaster. We can provide coffee made to your specifications and enable you to brand your our coffee. This is a truely amazing offer, after reading this you suddenly have the ability to provide a competitive edge. Superior coffee, shipped direct from the roaster and with your business's label!

Best Regards, Mark

-- Mark Kiley (, February 04, 2005.

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