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Hi... I'm 300 cds into a 900 cd cataloging project using OCDB. I decided that before I put in the effort to catalog the remaining two-thirds of the collection, I should test out the search function to make sure the program would meet my needs. So far, the search function is not working for me, and I'm not sure why. Here is the situation:

I do a search for yello, or yello* , or *yello* , with and without wildcard asterisks and with checkboxes on all CDs in my collection, yet OCDB will not find these files on disc LIBR_308:

Yello - I Love You [sm].mpg Yello - Oh Yeah [LittleC].mpg Yello - Tied Up [Vidiot].mpg Yello - Vicious Games [sm].mpg

Same problem occurs with the search for sheena, or sheena* , or *sheena* . These files (among others) are not found:

Sheena Easton-101.mpg Sheena Easton-Lover In Me.mpg

"Case sensitive search" is off, yet none of these files are found in any search I do. Can you tell me why this is not working?

Thank you for your work in providing this free program!

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2003


Just a note: there was a line break after each ".mpg" in the above file names. For some reason they didn't show up in my post above, thus making the lists of file names a bit confusing.

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2003

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