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I have catalogued 300 cds so far, and it takes fifteen seconds to open the "Open Catalogues" window. This wouldn't be a big problem for me if this window would stay open when I click on a catalog file to see the contents. However, the way the program is now if I'm looking for a file manually by opening a catalog, every time I do so, the "Open Catalogues" window closes and I have to reopen and wait for "Open Catalogues" in order to move on to the next catalog file in the list to see what's in it. As the search function is not working for me (see report in "Problems" part of the forum), I'm having to look for files by opening the catalog files one at a time, and this process is made very long by having to wait for the "Open Catalogues" window to reopen after every time I look to see the contents of a single catalog file.

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2003

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