disbudding - immobilizing without suffocation

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My first attempt at disbudding today. Everything seemed to go by the book. But upon releasing the kid, it appeared lifeless - for a few seconds, then started gasping for breath, then jumped up, squealed and came back to life.

Whew! That didn't seem to be in the book.

One of my helpers later observed that while holding the kid still, its nose and mouth were covered. I guess we nearly suffocated it.

I subsequently discovered that holding the kid close to my chest, with my fingers around its nose, immobilized it while allowing it to breath. There is a website showing photos of this position. http://www.nwinfo.net/~milkmaid/dbing.html She doesn't even use gloves!

There is another excellent website with pics using a box: http://fiascofarm.com/goats/disbudding.htm good instructions for first-timers.

-- gregory barton (gbmillion@hotmail.com), May 03, 2003


!!! Have never done that! And I would be afraid to hold it to my chest...I do not care to be branded there, though I've heard that branding oneself is the latest style. If you have a picnic bench or stairs, just hold the kid's head down against that, I do first one side, turn the head, do the other side.

-- Rebekah (daniel1@itss.net), May 03, 2003.

Point taken. The woman in the photo is clearly an old hand. I don't fancy branding myself, despite the fashion.

-- gregory barton (gbmillion@hotmail.com), May 04, 2003.

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