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I have a one year old male nubian goat. The people I bought him from were not very experienced breeders. Unfortunately, they did not attempt to disbud the goat until he was nearly three months old. Needless to say, he has recurrent scurs on both sides. They have broken off on occasion (and one was broken off by a vet, who is not very experienced with goat care). Now, one of them seems to be growing under the skin (there is a big bump of skin). I don't think my goat is in pain, but he does seem to be irritated by the bump more than he was ever bothered by the recurring scurs. I am concerned that this is growing into his head and may become serious. I don't know what to do. Please help!

-- Lisa S. Powers (, May 05, 2003


Find a vet experienced with goat care or an experienced breeder, if you can. Someone you can trust needs to look at it.


-- gregory barton (, May 06, 2003.

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