I have Cerebral Palsy and I want to have Kids

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I am 22 and I have Cerebral Palsy, I want to have kids just like any other women. I have always been told that If i have a child it would kill me, I am in a automatic wheelchair and I have had Rods placed in my back, and I have no use of my legs I have use in my left arm not my right arm, Mentaly I am like any other women, I have been in many relationships and my recent relationship I am soon to get married and me and my boyfriend is talking about having kids, I am all for it but every time I talk about it to my family they tell me I should not have kids because they think it is going to Kill me. Please tell me what should I do?

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2003


hi nealy i also have cerable palsy i am married with 5 children i would suggest for you to contact scope they are really helpfull get the right medical advise and seek advise from maybe a midwife who knows about cerable palsy scope may put you in touch with the people who know i hope this is helpfull good luck

-- Anonymous, October 27, 2003

At the tender age of 43 I am now looking forward to having grandchildren(not to imminent I hope) I hav CP and have 3 children. I have also lost 4 babies nothing to do with my disability. However I would reccomend talking with scope and finding a sympathetic consultant. The attitudes of your family is based on concern for you not on medical knowledge. I never asked for anyones advice , or indeed permission to haave children. It is worth pointing out that Cerebral Palsy is not heriditary and the differences in each case makes us all individuals. Good Luck with gathering you information and your own descision.

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2003

Hi my name is Sheila and i'm 35 year old plus i'm divorced twice now. i have a cerebral palsy and i'm hearing impaired. i have one child is hearing and normal child is 14 year old now. she is girl and her name is Jessica. well the reason i can't raise my child it's hard to raise my self with my kid and i decision to give to my mom. oh no wont hurt to you have child but i suggestion you can ask your Doctor about having a baby and your boyfriend too. you ask your Doctor about the history of your family and your boyfriend's side of family too. oh i forget to you to tell you i have a tube tighen i can't pregant again. it's better for my safe if you write to me my E-mail okay.

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2004

well First of all i have a Cerebral Palsy and hearing imnpaired i'm 35 year old. i have a 14 year old. i had C-Section 15 year ago. i would say go to Doctor ask about your health and your disbiltiy sitution also your family plus your boyfriend's family side.

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2004

LOL you replied twice, on different dates

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2004

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