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I bought Lulu and her one month old daughter in February from a muslim gentleman who kept about 15 nubian crossbreeds in a pen about the size of a shoe-box.

He said Lulu had been mated in January (or perhaps early February), shortly after kidding.

Whereas the local muslims keep goats for eating at festival time, I decided to have a go at milking.

After separating kid from mother, Lulu produced a generous supply of milk in the morning.

Shortly after, her milk quantity has reduced. I am wondering whether she is pregnant and whether the reduction in milk is due to pregnancy.

If she is pregnant, I would prefer to stop milking her and reduce her grain amount until the final two or three weeks.

How can I tell if she is pregnant, without the tell-tale barrel chest,which only comes in the last six weeks?

-- gregory barton (, May 12, 2003


How often are you milking her? If it's mornings only, that's why her milk prodcution decreased. It is supply and demand! Try switching to twice a day and she may improve. Even when pregnant, they shouldn't dry up until 2 1/2 - 3 months gestation. What breed is she?

-- Rebekah (, June 09, 2003.

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