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Athletes are inevitably faced with career ending sport transitions. MOst face this upon college graduation, as the likely-hood of professional sport career is slim. How can Reality THerapy best be applied to help the athlete deal with career ending, be it due to injury or graduation??? Is there some recent research with RT and athletes?

-- Carla Palffy (, May 12, 2003


Carla, immediately coming to mind is whether or not an article regarding this topic might have appeared in The Journal of Reality Therapy. You might want to visit this website; it lists all the articles which have appeared by author and topic.

I would think that to the type of athlete described, athletics met their needs of Power (health aspect, quality of performance, competition) and Love & Belonging (team concept) to a great degree. Substitute want's (Activities and Things) would have to be discovered and groomed to fill the void, i.e., marathons, amateur athletics, triathalons, semi-pro leagues, mountain climbing, surfing, etc.

Again, check the Journal of Reality Therapy.


-- Ted Donato (, May 12, 2003.

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