time zero film discontinued?

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i was told today that time zero film was being discontinued, is this correct?

secondly what are the diferences between time zero and 600 film, can an sx70 be modified to use 600 film?

-- claus l (litteng@yahoo.com), May 13, 2003


I had 2 photography stores in my area tell me the same thing. When I called Polaroid to ask about this, they gave me several phone numbers that do mail order that have the film. I wonder why we are being told that Time Zero is no longer being made. lj

-- ljc (ljcefali@aol.com), May 15, 2003.

I talked to Polaroid also and was told that as of this time there is no plan to discontinue the Time Zero film. It may happen one day, but at this time... all's well.

-- Cathy Gamlen (cpgamlen@netwiz.net), May 16, 2003.

I can always find Time Zero film at Walgreens . It's usually about $ 15.00 per pack. I have no idea how to use 600 film in the SX 70 camera. I know there's a fix for the Time Zero film in the 600 camera. Many sources for that fix... most probably somewhere in these threads. Good Luck to you! Cathy

-- cathy gamlen (cpgamlen@netwiz.net), May 16, 2003.

Cathy, Have you checked Walgreen's for Time Zero lately? I could get it there and at CVS last fall - but neither of them around me carryh it now. Meiers had it last year too - but not now. And several photo stores are giving out info that it has been discontinued, when it hasn't been

-- ljc (ljcefali@aol.com), May 21, 2003.

Polaroid is not discontinuing the film, but it IS being discontinued from certain franchises of certain companies and drug stores. You will still be able to find the film, you just may have to find a new store/ website/ factory to get it from.

-- Gene (comradeindieflick@hotmail.com), May 30, 2003.

Cooper's Camera Mart 5421 Harford Road Baltimore Maryland 21214 phone: 410-254-3505

Sells SX-70 Time-Zero film here in Baltimore

-- dave (d880640@hotmail.com), December 17, 2003.

does anyone know of any big stores that still carries time zero film?

-- christine (bottomfeeder85cfr@yahoo.com), January 27, 2004.

I order mine on BHphoto.com, it's cheaper that way.

-- Anna Fizyta (geek@ucsc.edu), March 25, 2004.

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