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Hello everyone,

First and foremost congratulations and thanks to Anders Petersson for making a very useful backup utility.

I'm currently trying out NHB and came across the following abnormalities. I'm not sure if i'm doing something wrong before considering it as a bug. i'm giving out this message to the forum first just in case some of you have noticed it too and have workarounds.


NHB Beta 6 version 2.5 EXE build 34 Windows 98 SE All backup sets are placed on the default path (where the NHB is installed)

Issue #1: Backup Set is Deleted (!) ========= I noticed that a backup set file (.NHB) is deleted whenever you click on the 'Execute set' button on its 'Properties' window (ctrl-p). A message window is displayed (title: NHB - File Not Found) with the message "This backup set does not exist:" followed by the valid path of the backup set file (.nhb).

But, if within the "properties" window you specify the complete path of the file it is executed successfully even if the Window "NHB-Invalid Characters Detected" is displayed.

A backup set executes with no problems if you click it directly (click on icon already associated with NHB).

Issue #2: NHB Cannot create directories ======== >>#2.1 Cannot Create directories on destination when source and destination specified is a root directory. (e.g. D:\, E:\ etc...)

*Workaround*: Have created the first level subdirectories in the destination prior to running the backup set.

However, This becomes complicated especially when you backup a whole drive with so many subdirectories under it. It would be great and would simplify things a bit if this was possible.

>>#2.2 Cannot create directories when using windows shares as destination.

For example: Source path "c:\docs\level1" destination path "\\server-1\myfiles" The folder: "level1" cannot be created in the destination (empty or with contents).

I have tested using the same file specs above but using a drive instead of "\\server-1" in the destination and it works. The issue happens only when using shares as destination.

Thanks to everyone and more power to NHB!


-- Anonymous, May 14, 2003

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