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Well, a couple days ago I was settin in front of the puter when all of'a sudden the monitor started "talkin" to me [snap, crakle, pop] with flashin and then "ka-poot". It done'n died!! Not to fear tho, I said to myself--we have another'n just like this'n. An OLD Packard Bell 13" that set on the floor rite by my big size 14 feet!

In short order I had the old'n settin in a chair and the "new" one settin where the old'n had set. AFter messin with it a spell it worked!

Today Lil Dumplin and the old hick went to Evansville to Best Buys to p ick up her new puter that crashed 2 weeks ago. Whilst she was watchin the tech guy hook up hers and check it out--she was eye'n his thin flat screen monitor. She handed me the papers and said she'd be in the Monitor section.

FAst forward---Hooked her new'n up and moved her "old" [3 week-17"] to my puter room The Packard Bells are keepin each other company, the new 17" [her old'n] is lookin back at me. I can actually see what I'm typin now--boy, I didnt know rich folks had it so easy!

Rich or Poor--Jesus Christ will be comin for His own shortly. If you're not ready for His return--now is the time to get ready. After He has come it will be too late. old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot (, May 17, 2003


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-- Your Respon (Your Email, May 26, 2003.

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