Lehman Brothers Silverware Corp.

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hi, I was given an electric coffee maker with the markings of Lehman Brothers Silverware Corp. [Kromasier] also the number 74. It has a spigot and two handles. Beautiful piece. Could anyone tell me the history behind this coffee maker. I especially would like to know if it is silver or chrome. I can't find ony thing on the internet. Thank you

-- Kathy Evans (kakievans@mchsi.com), May 18, 2003


Lehman Brothers was a New York firm that produced both traditional and Art Deco designs in both silver and chrome. Many of their cocktail shakers are maked LB Chromium Plated. Without a photograph it is difficult to determine whether your coffee urn is silver-plated or chrome-plated. Silver has a yellowish tinge whereas chrome has more of a bluish tinge. Chrome does not tarnish whereas silver tarnishes rather rapidly. It is also possible that the coffee urn is nickel plated. Nickel plating was commonly used on coffee pots and other small appliances until the introduction of chrome plating around 1928. Lehman Brothers was generally a second-tier manufacturer and its products are not particularly collectible.

-- Jim Linz (JL13614@aol.com), May 19, 2003.

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