I need to know everything about William Glasser's life.

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I would like to know everything that is to know about William Glasser's life. From where he was born and raised to what he has done all of his adult life.

-- Shelley Nicole Rowlett (sr00sq@aol.com), May 19, 2003


See the answers to the query "Searching for a type of biography of Dr. Glasser" Tasha King 2000 on this web page See especially the reference to Dr.Bob Wubbolding's book "Reality Therapy for the 21st.Century" for an extensive account of Dr. Glasser's life.

-- kenl lyons (kenlyon@gofree.indigio.ie), May 19, 2003.

I have just noticed that there is an article on the main web page of WGI that gives a handy biography of Dr. Glasser. It is the 'Corey with Kathy' article.

-- kenl lyons (kenlyon@gofree.indigio.ie), June 18, 2003.

I see that Glasser was born in the vicinity of 1920. When was his actual birthday? Where does he live now?

-- (flaherty@dodgenet.com), February 03, 2004.

1925, In Cleveland Ohio-I don't know the exact date. He lives in Los Angeles, Calfiornia today

-- ken lyons (kenlyon@gofree.indigio.ie), February 04, 2004.

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