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Help! I'm no dummy when it comes to video or computers as I work at a TV station. However, I'm new to doing things at home and this one has me really befuddled. I borrowed a friend's Canon ZR40 mini-dv to firewire some video into my pc. One problem: I keep getting an install error. XP says it can't find the AV/C Subunit driver.

I've done tons of searching, I do have avc.sys, etc. Now what? I have an emachines T2200, it has FOUR firewires and I've tried two of them with no difference in outcomes. I've search the emachines, canon and microsoft sites but none has anything helpful. The canon site says the firewire hardware is where the drivers should be, but I find nothing about it on emachines as their hardwired to the motherboard.

Any ideas? Avid Xpress, Vegas, Premiere, none of them recognize the DV Cam. Thanks, -howard

-- Howard Winer (, May 21, 2003


I have the some problems with windows 2000 professional and DCR sony DV, if you find the drives.... tell me... good luck by by carlo

-- (, June 06, 2003.

Any luck yet, I'm having the same problem

-- Fred (, September 27, 2003.

I have the same problem. Other help sites have talked about removing the .1 on the end of files msdv.inf and msdv.pnf but for me the files did NOT have the .1 on the end of the files. So, there was nothing to remove from the files names. This is a new dell computer with factory install of XP. Don't know what to do next, can't find a solution for the "AV/C subunit" hardware not be recognized.

-- glenn de caussin (, September 27, 2003.

I have had the problem of Windows XP not seeing my Canon XL-1s. I am trying to use Pinnacle Studio 8, but even the Windows video thing won't see it 99% of the time. There are times where I can get the film to the pc, but it usually takes several days of plugging and unplugging....I think that if I stand on one foot rubbing the cat's belly just the right way during a full moon... I told my sponser to get a Mac. I have installed all the updates and service packs and... Any help or insite would be great! Thanks, drumbo

-- Jonathan Herbert (, October 09, 2003.

I got the same problem no drivers listed on worked My cptr only has drivers for kodak and doesn't detect any kind of product name in the inf that I installed (have disk and browse to folder with inf file) I wonder if canon cares at all about the firewire (1394) not working. Their web site is VERY sparce about info on getting your computer to recognize the cam. The drivers don't show the camera and the Imaging devices don't even exsist in my control panel, BUT premier will record what comes through the cam... It shows black in the premier 5.1 window but records fine, unfortunately I can't tell what is recording.

-- jeff johanns (, January 20, 2004.

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