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Hello all, I just happened to stumble upon this list while hunting for possiblities for treatment for a very sick little doe of mine. She is 6 mo old, has had both Coccidia and Giardia (now treated). Somehow, the Giardia got into our well water, so we are all pretty sick with it. Her fecal tests are all coming back ok, but the vet tells me that she isn't really absorbing many nutrients from her food. She can't stand on her front legs, but does ok on her back ones. Her demeanor is bright and alert, and does not show any signs of being in physical pain. She is currently on IV feedings, but we can really only afford another day or two of doing that. We live in an area that is very swine, cattle, and equine heavy, and most vets will tell you that a sheep is a goat is a cow, etc. I know her prognosis isn't good at all, but since she doesn't seem to be hurting, and she is still as responsive as she is, I am having trouble with the idea of putting her down just because the vet is out of answers. If she is still the same tomorrow, I think we are going to bring her home and try to make her as comfortable as possible. If she gets worse, or starts to exhibit any signs of pain, I know we are going to have to put her down. Any suggestions for homecare? I am a nurse and my husband is a pharmacist, and although both of us are generally a tad leary about home remedies, I am willing to try about anything at this point. Her infection is gone, but we need something to help her build muscle back and help her digestive tract heal. Any thoughts (up to and including "hey lady, you're crazy") would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Crys

-- Crys Davis (, May 23, 2003


Sorry I can't help with this except to tell you some links to try. Homesteading Today has a dairygoat forum you can try. Also Fiasco Farm has alot of info. Saanandoah is good too.Good Luck!

-- Vicki P. (, May 24, 2003.

What are her symptoms? Did she have chronic or severe diarrhea? Wasting? Potbelly? Coccidia cause scarring in the intestine, sometimes severe enough to prevent the goat's ever absorbing enough nutrients from their food to grow, or live. :-( If your area is damp, you should consider feeding or administering a coccidiostat to all kids in the future. Calf or lamb starters usually have deccox added, and that is what I feed to our kids after stunting and deaths due to cocci became a little too common.

-- Rebekah (, May 26, 2003.

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