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Is Daylab making the Copy Boy? I would like to make transfers from digital photos but am unsure about how to go about this. I though the Copy Boy might be a possibility but cannot find it for sale anywhere. Is there some other method to produce slides from digital prints without having slides developed. Thanks, Rae

-- Rae Friedman (, May 26, 2003


I have been asking this since January when I first heard that Daylab was going to sell these "within a month." After several emails to Daylab, via their website, went unanswered, I called and was told it would be sold in June. I emailed again last week to check the status. So far I have not heard anything back, and I guess I don't expect to - since they never seem to answer emails. The website says "check back for details." But this message hasn't changed since January. I sure hope it comes out soon and that they get word out when it does.

Does anyone else have any more positive information? It sound like a wonderful machine

-- ljc (, May 27, 2003.

Finally received an email from Daylab... looks like the Copyboy is now due to be out in July. They keep moving up the date. I heard it was to come out last February, then June and now July.

-- ljc (, June 11, 2003.

The Daylab you are referring to is the Daylab copy machine. It retails for $189.99 and I've seen it on the web site. It copys pictures of 3D items onto polaroid film. Your image can be up to a 4x6 and produces a 3X5 image. It can be use with color or black and white polaroid films and produces copies or images for futher maniputlation such as transfers and emulsion transfers. Hope this helps.


-- Joni Mauren (, August 26, 2004.

I met to copies photos OR 3D items

-- joni mauren (, August 26, 2004.

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