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My cocker spaniel tripped or something when he was running down the stairs to bark at a landscaper. I could hear him cry all the way from inside. Now he limps a little bit and licks at his front foot. When will walk on the foot, but cries when he tries to jump up on the couch or something. The nearest vet is over 50 miles away should I take the dog in or will this get better on its own? It's been a week since this has happened and there is a little improvement.

-- chris (, May 27, 2003


Chris, did you check the toe nails? He could have broke one off or jammed it into the flesh. If there's a broken nail then put cool compresses on it although it's been a week it may still bring some pain relief. Also make sure it's not infected if there's any skin breaks. If none of the above seem to apply then I'd say take him to the vet because he could have broken a toe or torn a ligament which could affect the whole leg in time. Good Luck, I have a 14 yr old black cocker who's the sweetest little dog I've ever known. I hope yours is feeling better.

-- Kathy (, June 01, 2003.

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