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I have a CenDyne external 2.0 USB CD-RW burner. I am trying to back up my Quickbooks Pro company file and my Tracker 2000 towing software database but every time I choose to backup to this drive I get an error stating that either my drive is unaccessible or not ready. I can burn CDs, copy folders, etc. with this drive, it just won't work with any backup software I try to use. Any help is appreciated much.

-- Anonymous, May 30, 2003


your should use a formatted cd let's say you use easycd creator as your burning software, you would goto creator and select directcd format it then make a file folder let's ay "backup" make your backup as normal when it comes to the destination you would select your cd drive and that folder you should then be able to run your backup set, i hope this helps

-- Anonymous, May 31, 2003

Your help is much appreciated. I was thinking it was something of the sort. I created a folder on the disk but had not figured out how to format it. I am using Nero Express CD burning software. I still can't figure out how to format the disk but now that I am sure that's my problem I will go to work Monday and start again. Once again, I appreciate the help and will pass it along.

-- Anonymous, May 31, 2003

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