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I inherited a bedroom set from my grandmother that I believe may have been designed by Norman Bel Geddes for the Simmons Co. I came to this conclusion based on the fact that I found a sticker with an owl and the Simmons name inside one of the drawers as well as my own limited research in finding that Mr. Bel Geddes designed steel bedroom furniture for the Simmon's Company.

The bedroom set is made of steel and painted a yellow/goldenrod color with black trim. There is a vanity with a stool, a headboard and footboard and a dresser (with both cabinets and drawers). I am not so much interested in its worth as it was given to me by my grandmother and is still a very useable set, but I would like to find out if it came in any other colors, ie. white/black, grey/black, red/black, etc.

Some of the pieces need some work because there are some rust spots and some areas have paint that is chipped off. In addition my grandfather spray painted one of the doors yellow to make a repair. I am interested in both repairing it and repainting it as I am not fond of yellow. I am certain that repainting it will decrease it's value, but if I repaint it in a colour that it came in, would the value of the set be extremely affected or just a little bit?

Finally, is there any company that specializes in repair of this type of furniture? I would appreciate any information you can give me regarding this matter.

Thank you.

-- K.S. Boyles (, June 06, 2003


I have the same set. I think. Yellow/Black. Can we exchange pictures?

-- Mark Merrill (, March 25, 2004.

Hello, I have the vanity and chest of drawers that you speak of in black and yellow as well. As I understand, the yellow was originally creme in color and turned yellow over time. I have seen it in all black but cannot be sure that is was original. Although it would make sense to come in all black as a more masculine color. I have been informed by a dealer that the Simmons furniture was used a lot in hotels I am looking for a double or twin bed frame(s) that had not been repainted. I am not aware of other colors of which the furniture was originally painted. Painting the furniture would disturb the value. If you want to know more about the pieces you can email or call Mark at or Deco-dence in Dallas, TX. If you haven't already painted the pieces, I would be interested in purchase if you are interested in selling.

Goodluck, Rhonda

-- Rhonda Maddox (, June 07, 2004.

Hello, nice to see there's SOMETHING on the web about Simmons steel bedroom sets! I have a set that's jade green with white drawers & square chrome knobs. There's a chest, dresser w/square tilting mirror, vanity w/larger square tilting mirror, bench w/cream (formerly white?) plasticy cushion, headboard (green), footboard (half green, half white), nightstand, and reading chair with curved arms w/black plastic-like armrests and two removable cream (formerly white?) plasticy cushions. The set has the owl-Simmons stickers, and the chair coils have the Simmons label w/Pennsylvania 1920's statutes references. Are such sets from the 30's? Does anyone know of websites illustrating such sets & giving a little history? I have found nothing except these postings and an advertisement for Simmons metal hospital beds! Thanks, D.A.

-- D. Anderson (, October 04, 2004.

I was happy to find some type of information regarding Simmon's steel furniture! I, like the other resonses have yet to find more information on the web.

I have 2 twin beds with headboards and footboards and a dresser that are a deep green with floral motifs painted on them with gold trim. All of which look to be original. There is the Simmon's decal w/the owl as well.

I have contacted a few antique stores in my area looking for information. I emailed photos to a couple, and have appointments set for a couple more. Everyone I have spoken to regarding these pieces has informed me that they are from the 30's 40's or 50's. I, too, read about Norman Bel Geddes designing for Simmon's, as well as, several other designers such as Wright etc. I have seen several pieces designed by Geddes for Simmons go for as much as $2,000- $3,000. I have yet to find out how to determine if it is a Norman Bel Geddes design.

I am curious as to whether or not you have found out any other information.

Thank you for your time.


-- S Wright (, October 08, 2004.

I too am in search of more info on these pieces. I have a table and dresser that are the Simmons steel but in the rust red and beige. I also have a friend who wants to sell me the rest of the set (beds, desk and bed side tables) both in the rust red and turquoise blue. I would love to find someone who could supply me with prices on such a thing. I've checked ebay and some other sites but am not finding anything similar enough to do a price comparison.

Sorry I can't assist with the repairing issue. I've know people to sandblast similar pieces down to the bear metal and do a brush metal effect (sander to metal in a circular motion). Looks cools but I am more into the original look.

Good luck everyone!

Wanda :)

-- Wanda L. Roberts (, February 12, 2005.

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