Task Scheduler under WinNT - "Could not start"

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I've been trying to set up a scheduled backup using the WinNT task scheduler. I've followed the directions shown in other posts noting the need to get quotation marks in the right place. BUT.... I continue to get a "Could not start" result in the scheduler. I wonder about the "Start in" box on the scheduler.... is it relevant? My setup is: Run "C:\Program Files\No Hands Backup 2.0\NHBackup.exe" C:\Program Files\No Hands Backup 2.0\Test.nhb Start in "C:\Program Files\No Hands Backup 2.0"

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2003


i have the same issue, well almost. i am running xp and get no error message, but also no backup ..?!

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2003

you have to enter a valid username and password to run the task

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2003

If IE has been upgraded, the program running scheduled tasks has changed to a new version called mstask.exe. Withit comes a new issue. The program is running through a system account, and the task is run through a user account. If your task contains any mapped drives, the system account can not use them. To fix this (at least this worked for me) click on the advanced tab in the scheduler window and change from a system account to an account with admin rights that also recognizes the mapped drives.


-- Anonymous, September 24, 2003

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