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What is another word for Glasser's pictures?

-- dennyphillips (, June 14, 2003


Glassers argues that we all have five basic needs. These needs are theoretical you cannot see them or touch them; you can't reallyquantify them. How then do we know they are there at all? Each of us forms in our head, an image of something that will fill these needs for us. For example one person might build in their heads a picture of rock climbing as a way of filling their fun need. Another person might have a picture of playing with their kids to fill the same need. "Picture" is a good word for the images we hold in our mind of people, places and things that are need satisfying for us.

-- ken lyons (, June 14, 2003.


Originally, Bill talked about an "internal reference perception," and later he came to call this the Quality World Picture, ie an idea or image a person holds in their brain (or imagination) about a way to get a need satisfied. Glasser's needs based personality motivation theory is unique in that total behavior is part of choice theory; however, the notion of needs is shared among Glasser, Adler, Maslow and others. Bill believes the needs are built into the DNA, and that each need may differ in intensity. It is true that this may be largely theoretical. Most people who study the theory (and live their lives) say, yup, this is the way I am hard wired! When I know it is most true is when my pictures (to satisfy a need or a couple of needs at once) are in conflict: oh, woe is me! All the best!

-- suzy hallock-bannigan (, September 16, 2003.

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